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What We’re Reading This Week: The Best Food Writing From Around The Web

Feel rejuvenated with our fresh, new food reads! From a heartwarming tale about grandmas in the kitchen to the dangers of gold mining to Ghanaian chocolate production, this list has it all.

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+The Huffington Post delves into why pasta water is liquid gold.

+Sometimes all you need is grandma’s home cooking…and anyone can get it at one restaurant in New York City.

…nearly 11 years ago [Jody Scaravella] opened restaurant Enoteca Maria in the heart of St. George, Staten Island’s historic district. His intention was not just to serve up hearty Italian meals passed down from previous generations, but to bring together the Italian grandmothers of New York to cook them. Each dish is prepared with the love that only a grandmother can give.

Since then, Italian grandmothers with little to no professional training have come into Enoteca Maria to cook their own menus on a rotating schedule. The next logical step, Scaravella says, was to expand the restaurant’s concept and invite grandmothers from different cultures.

+The “secret” pizzas of southern Italy are stretching our definition of what constitutes the beloved dough, sauce, and mozz combo. Bloomberg has the scoop.

+Want to up your food-grams game? Check out this list of food photography retreats.

+What does gold mining have to do with chocolate production in Africa? National Geographic dives in.

Gold mining has always been a part of Ghana, from the ornate jewelry of the Ashanti kings to British colonization. In the last several years, however, largely unregulated galamsey mining has ramped up—due in part to Chinese investors who bring sophisticated equipment and a lagging economy that makes the prospect of striking gold too sweet to pass. These often illegal operations can result in contaminated water, deforestation, and a rise in violent crime.

+Future-living lab SPACE10 reimagined five iconic dishes in sustainable form, from the “dogless hotdog” made of spirulina to the mealworm “neatball.”

+And because it’s still National Women’s History Month, check out NPR‘s profile of Pineapple Collaborative, a new network for women in food.

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