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#GirlsWithKnives Spotlight: Molecular Gastronomist Muffie Fulton

Muffie Fulton is the founder and creative head of Bold Food, which offers classes in the science of cooking and modernist cuisine, as well as curated culinary tours all over the planet. She recently brought her molecular gastronomy-infused pop-ups to Feastly, serving up dishes like liquid nitrogen olive oil ice cream!

Dine With Muffie

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How did you find your way into the historically male-dominated culinary industry?

I have a long history of working in male-dominated industries. I started in academic science, moved into biotech manufacturing, was an executive at a worldwide pharma company, and moved into the culinary world after teaching myself modernist cuisine.

What has been a defining moment, either positive or negative, in your career?

Life in the corporate world for a woman, especially in a leadership position, is death by a thousand cuts. Occasionally you get stabbed. One of the reasons I decided to start my own company is that I wouldn’t have to deal with sexism there, at least not internally.

Tell us about the women who serve up culinary inspiration in your life.

Elena Arzak (co-head chef of three Michelin-starred Arzak) because she is at the top of the culinary world, is extremely scientific and creative, and very approachable. Also Stephanie Izard is a culinary genius. I’ve eaten at two of her restaurants and the combinations she puts together are brilliant.

What advice do you have for other women trying to build culinary careers?

Learn as much as you can all the time. Also, you don’t have to accept sexism or harassment. There is more support for women speaking up — it’s still not easy, but it’s getting better.

Dine With Muffie


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