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Weekend Reading: The Best Food Writing From Around The Web

Welcome to the land of sleeping in, leisurely coffee-drinking, and maybe a good ole fashioned brunch line or two. That’s right – the weekend is upon us! And just like your treasured pair of sweatpants and your Netflix queue, our reading list is here for you.

+The James Beard Awards aren’t just about fine dining. Check out this JBFA-winning hot dog.

+SAVEUR writer Alex Lobrano chronicles his experiences in a busy French bakery.

As we churned along in the night, it struck me that I’d begun a new cycle of earnestness in my life. After years as a food writer in Paris for many illustrious publications and hundreds of meals in the most exalted restaurants of France, what I really wanted was good, simple, honest food. You see, the most important thing I’ve probably learned about French cooking is that its guiding reflex is an infallible preference for simplicity. Which is why I was headed for my first shift at a bakery on a quiet street in the city’s silk-stocking 16th arrondissement.

+Lab-grown meat is imminent. But is it vegetarian? A variety of industry experts weigh in.

+Guatemala’s culinary landscape has remained untouched by mainstream food media. Writer Christopher Bagley explores its ancient food traditions.

+See how Finnish researchers are working on a global cure for hunger using renewable energy.

+Things are getting spicy. Penzey’s CEO Bill Penzey is mixing business with politics by calling out President Trump.

Penzey wasn’t the first C.E.O. to speak out against Trump or to use his position to advocate for progressive values. But he was quite possibly the first to publicly call Trump’s election an “embrace of racism,” and he was definitely the first to do so while hawking a free bottle of Quebec Seasonings with any five-dollar purchase. 

+Your produce bill might be skyrocketing soon. Due to the ongoing immigration battle, farmers are struggling to hire skilled works before crops rot.

+Noticing the empty shelves at Whole Foods? You’re not the only one.

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