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Weekly Reading List: Chef Stories Edition

Here’s to the culinary professionals dishing up the delectable both in and out of the kitchen. Read about Salt Bae’s restaurant empire, pastry architects, le bandé de Bocuse, our very own Feastly all-stars, and much more.

+Nusret Gökce isn’t just an Internet sensation…although he was one of 2017’s most memorable memes (say that five times fast). See how “Salt Bae” transcends his 15 minutes in spotlight.

+Architecture and dessert? These pastry chefs are taking their craft well beyond sugar and flour. 

The link between architecture and pastry dates back at least to 1815, when the renowned French chef Marie-Antoine Carême wrote “Le Patissier Royal,” a treatise that codified how architectural principles like drawing and planning could be applied in pastry. Chefs have long played with the structural possibilities of sugar, egg whites, flour and other ingredients.

+Bird is the word.  Kentucky Fried Chicken’s head chef shares his tips for recreating the brand’s famous finger-lickin’ chicken at home.

Aleks Dorohovich

+Chef and French food icon Paul Bocuse passed away on January 20 at 91. Grub Street delves into his legendary culinary status.

Food alone, however, was not what made Bocuse such a visible, influential figure in the cooking world. (For one thing, he put his name on everything from flatware to chocolate truffles to cast-iron pots to a restaurant at Disney World.) Many chefs excel at self-promotion, but Bocuse had a particular knack for it, tempering the boastfulness with an air of winking self-deprecation. He would often tell his guests that the Troisgros Brothers — whose nearby restaurant was Bocuse’s most formidable competition — were better cooks than he was. In doing so, he was able to break up the once-feudal world of chefs, resulting in the so-called bande à Bocuse. 

+”Kamayan” is Tagalog for “by hand.” NPR explores how Filipino-American chefs are revitalizing the cuisine from their roots. 

+Eater‘s 2017 chefs of the year are the dual Sara(h)’s behind Kismet, LA’s meteoric Middle Eastern restaurant. 

+Britain is facing a tikka masala crisis. The reason? A lack of skilled chefs.

+What do chefs and computer programmers have in common? Find out on Forbes.

+Feastly chefs are taking the pop-up world by storm. Learn about their successes, from their own restaurants to profitable side hustles.

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