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What We’re Reading This Week: The Best Food Writing From Around The Web

Still searching for three-day weekend plans? Immerse yourself in this week’s food reads, from a sweet treat for wannabe wizards to the effects of DACA on the restaurant industry.

+It’s a no-brainer that location determines food prices…but by how much? The answer might surprise you.

+Harry Potter-loving sweet tooths, get ready. Butterbeer-flavored marshmallow fluff is here.

+Diet Coke is getting a total revamp and its new look is rather familiar.

With a promise that their quality (and formula) is not changing, Diet Coke is introducing four new flavors into the fold: “Feisty Cherry,” “Blood Orange,” “Ginger Lime,” and “Twisted Mango.” These are clearly flavors along the same lines as those of LaCroix, who dominates the sparkling water shelves with tropical and effervescent flavors like Pamplemousse (grapefruit) and Tangerine.

+Macaron giant Ladureé has announced a collaboration with bridal designer Vera Wang…because cookies and fashion are an obvious love-match.

+A young NYC chef’s dreams might be dashed by President Trump’s revocation of DACA. NPR‘s “The Salt” chronicles his story.

+In the wake of so many sexual harassment scandals in the culinary industry, the James Beard Foundation is encouraging Awards voters to consider more than just culinary chops.

+After a casual eating revolution following the 2008 market crash, fine dining is back in the game.

+Love avocados? Thank a sloth.

From the American Museum of Natural History: “Next time you eat guacamole, thank a giant ground sloth: the Lestodon! These 15-ft animals ate avocado whole, traveled, and then pooped, depositing the pits in new places. Most mammals couldn’t handle large seeds, so it was up to megafauna to disperse (and fertilize!) avocados.”


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