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Facebook Events 101: Selecting A Category

Selecting A Category For Your Facebook Events

Between coming up with a title, writing a description, or assigning proper dates to your Events, it’s easy to skip over the Category section. Although it may seem insignificant, selecting a Category for your Event is crucial to helping it get discovered.

Why do I need to assign a Category to my Events?

Simply put, Categories allow users who are searching for specific Events to find yours.

+When you click on the Events tab of a personal page, you see which Events you have already RSVPed to.

You can also search for events by date and (ta-da) by Category.

+If you click on one of the Categories, like “Food,” Facebook suggest Events that are near you and under that Category. See below.

By not choosing a Category, you risk your Event not being included in these searches.

Facebook Local App

Facebook has recently relaunched its Events-based app, called Facebook Local. Read about it here.

Facebook Local makes it easier for users to search for Events and plan with friends. It provides a Newsfeed of Events-based information, like ones that are Trending, ones that friends have RSVPed to, and Events from Pages you like.

Again, users have the option to search by Event Category. See below.

How do I select a Category?

“Category” is the first section under “Details,” which is below Name, Location, and Frequency.

+Click the arrow to see the drop-down menu of Category options.

+Scroll down to view all. The screenshot  below is a small sampling of what is available to you.

NOTE: You can only choose one Category at this time. 


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