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By Chefs, For Chefs: A Holiday Gift Guide

Kitchen work is a labor of love, which is why we think chefs deserves the best kind: thoughtful, curated gifts to make their daily work easier. Below is our list of 15 items our chefs told us they would love to have in their own kitchens – we’ve included their personal recommendations and why. While we hope every chef gets their dream culinary gift this year, we played Santa for one lucky one…

Congrats, Melvin, we’d love to try those TV-famous waffles one day in Portland!

Gift #1 Vitamix Blender  $480-580 

Vitamix is THE tool every Chef needs. I would use it for sauces, purees, powder things and many more.

Chef Selin Vicalvi, Feastly SF

For vegan cooking it’s such an essential tool for sauces, yogurts, cashew cream and vegan cheesecake!

Chef Salimatu Amabebe, Feastly PDX

Gift #2 KitchenAid Stand Mixer  $400+ 

I’d love to make smoother pastry doughs and breads – especially Japanese milk bread! 

Morgan Lee, Feastly PDX

Making pastries, whipped dairies and any good pastries related.

Chef Deborah Maukar, Feastly SF


Gift #3 Thermomix  $1500 

A Thermomix Is an essential tool for the modernist cook or professional chef, What it does? Maybe you should ask what it doesn’t do. Composed of a lid-with measuring cup, a motor, mixing blades, a heating system, integrated scales, and a temperature-sensor-equipped mixing bowl, this include steaming, chopping, whipping, mixing, emulsifying, blending, kneading, cooking, stirring, weighing, and precise heating. Basically, it can chop vegetables, grind coffee beans, and blend up a frozen Cocktail.

Chef Mariano Balderas, Feastly SF

Gift #4 BlastChiller  $1800-$90000 

Time is short for everyone, and especially for chefs at prep time! Temperature control, both heating and cooling, are very important when working with hydrocolloids. Sometimes you just need to cool something down as quickly as possible and a blast chiller is a great way to do it. . If I had a blast chiller, I’d use it to make coconut fluid gel faster, cool down the pressure cooked beef broth I use in my Feastly dinners in the blink of an eye.

Chef Muffie Fulton, Feastly SF

Gift #5 Double Waffle Maker  $80 

I can make more of my soon-to-be famous Stuffles for the WORLD! (As Seen on TV)

Chef Melvin Trinidad, Feastly PDX






Gift #6 Digital Pressure Cooker  $80 

Having a pressure cooker would mean that I can cut my cooking time significantly especially when I am making something like oxtail or beef cheeks or even beef short ribs. I don’t have a lot of time as I’m constantly busy so having a pressure cooker will help cut my cooking time quite a bit.

Chef Kryssie Tinsay Martinez, Feastly LA




Gift #7 Immersion Circulator  $100-200 

I don’t think the tools make the chef, but a tool can certainly help elevate a chef.  I’d love to get my hands on a sous vide, as it would help elevate the style/amount of food I could make. These machines make cooking certain foods (in large batches) so much simpler! I could do big batches of veggies for pop up dinners, pork belly baos, hainanese and soy sauce chicken rice dishes, etc . So many of the chef friends and cooking hobbyist I know claim that their sous vide is their favorite cooking tool! 

Chef Jackie Low, Feastly SF

Gift #8 Robocoupe $500-$1800 


I need a commercial mixer and grinder to make better food.

Chef Umut Matkap, Feastly PDX








Gift #9 Air Fryer  $50-300 


I would use to make a big feast for my friends and family. I’m poor so I cant afford nice things 🙂

Phong Nguyen, Feastly SF







Gift #10 Commerical Size  Stainless Steel Rondeau Pan $250 

This tool is important to me because it would probably cut my prep time in half. Most of my prep work for my pop up has to be done in home kitchen-scaled pots and pans. The many tasks I could accomplish with one big rondeau, from braising to sautéing to simmering would be an incredible time-saver.

Chef Jen Datka, Feastly PDX





Gift #12 Large Cleaver $15-150 


I work with meat and lost of different ingredients. A cleaver added to me knife set would help me save time when butchering, which I could use to spend with my baby.

Chef Cynthia Vigil, Feastly PDX





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