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What We’re Reading This Week: The Best Food Writing From Around The Web

Let’s be honest: the holiday season can great crazy. There’s a reason they call it the “holidaze.” If you need an excuse to avoid the mall or put down your credit card, look no further. We’ve got another selection of good food reads to lower your cortisol levels and keep your wallet full.

+Ever wonder how chefs like Bobby Flay and Wolfgang Puck go from the restaurant kitchen to having a grocery story brand? Eater has the story.

+Women dominate the food media space…so why is there less coverage of female chefs? 

+Writer Adrian Miller explores the lack of diversity in the “bubble” of food writing.

Just because a gatekeeper is white doesn’t mean a dead end for my food-writing endeavors. In fact, many have seen value in my work, and have given me opportunities to share my passion for African-American foodways. Though I fantasize about it, I certainly don’t expect every gatekeeper to immediately fall in love with my ideas for content. Rejection is part of the game. Yet, collectively, these gatekeepers continue to do things that are frustrating. Things that unnecessarily limit the opportunities for writers who want to share diverse food stories with a broader audience. Things that remain puzzling in the year 2017. What follows bears on my experience as someone who writes about African-American foodways, but other food writers of color have shared similar experiences with me.

+In anticipation of its new design, the Snapchat app now recognizes more than just faces…like food.

+2018’s food trend forecast is here! Check out what Forbes thinks will be big. HINT: Poke bowls aren’t going anywhere.

+As it continues its war on waste, France has been dubbed the most sustainable country in an index published by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

France was the first country to introduce specific food waste legislation and loses only 1.8 percent of its total food production each year. It plans to cut this in half by 2025. “France has taken some important and welcome steps forward including forcing supermarkets to stop throwing away perfectly edible food,” said Meadhbh Bolger, a campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe. “This needs to be matched at the European level with a EU-wide binding food waste reduction target.”

+To meet the health demands of consumers, large food producers are removing salt and sugar. And they’re replacing it with fat.

+Cookie-bakers, beware. The FDA has issued a warning against licking the bowl.

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