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Master The Holiday Cookie Swap This Year

If holiday hosting gives you nightmares, try a cookie swap! It’s sweet in more ways than one. You get to bake, eat, and get loved ones together…which is what the season is all about, right? The best part? You leave with dozens of cookies that you can give as gifts, serve to guests, or devour while binge-watching Christmas movies.

Our Tips

We scoured the internet and polled some  friends to get these easy-to-follow tips for cookie swap success.

+Make cookies that will freeze well or will last longer than a couple of days. Nobody wants stale cookies at the holiday table.

+This might be obvious, but skip the store. Make your cookies from scratch…that means no slice-and-bake either! (see recipe ideas below).

+Find out how many guests will be in attendance and plan your dozen count accordingly – you want enough for tasting and enough for swapping.

+If you’re hosting, prep some savory snacks and festive beverages. Too many sweets leads to palate fatigue. Bon Appetit suggests a holiday punch and one-bite apps.


What To Bake

Whether you’re the happy host or just an attendee, here are some holiday cookie recipes to inspire your sweet tooth.

+The Kitchn’s top 25 holiday cookie recipes are categorized by texture — crunchy, soft and chewy, and bar cookies. Snickerdoodles, anyone?

+SAVEUR acquired SF pastry chef Emily Lucchietti’s Meyer lemon shortbread sandwich cookie recipe. They’re a cute and zingy showstopper.

+The Queen of hosting, Ms. Martha Stewart, has a plethora of tried-and-true cookie recipes to try, like pretzel shortbread and salted chocolate tartlets.

+These easy cookie recipes from Brit + Co, like turtle thumbprints and peanut butter reindeer, will keep you feeling festive without the stress.

Got more tips or a favorite recipe to share? Let us know in the comments!


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