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What We’re Reading This Week: The Best Food Writing From Around The Web

From eating nutritional clay and the globe’s prime-priced bird to the advantages of seasoned sheet pans and a boozy gift guide, this week’s reading list has something for everyone.

+Are “virtual restaurants” the next big thing? Door Dash has just launched a 2,000 square foot commissary in Silicon Valley that will be home to four, delivery-only restaurants.

+You’ve heard of the well-seasoned cast iron skillet. Epicurious explores the merits of the often “dirty” kitchen workhouse — the sheet pan.

+The world’s most expensive chicken costs $48 per kilogram.

Bresse chicken is the favorite of Michelin chefs, as well as French Presidents. François Hollande would have nothing else served at his table and Emmanuel Macron is also said to be an ardent fan. The chickens are raised in the historic region of Bresse, a former French province. As France only exports 5% of its production, you’ll likely have to travel here to savor its taste.

+Former White House pastry chef Bill Yosses shares his strategies for healthier desserts without sacrificing on flavor.

+Turns out eating clay might be really, really good for you. NPR‘s “The Salt” delves into this ancient Andean tradition.

+Check out MUNCHIES’ gift guide for liquor lovers…because every family’s got one.

+Roads and Kingdoms explores the physical and socioeconomic effects of fonio, a West African superfood grain.

Fonio (or acha, as it’s known in Nigeria) is a small grain, similar looking to couscous, but with a more substantial, nuttier flavor. It is native to the Sahel, the scrubland that sits between the Sahara Desert and the forests of West and Central Africa, and stretches from Senegal to Sudan…The grain is gluten free and rich in number of amino acids, which are often absent in other major cereals. It’s easily digestible, and some varieties are rich in protein. Fonio also has a low glycemic index, making it ideal for diabetics.


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