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Facebook Events 101: Adding Co-Hosts

Feastly Chefs

Why add Facebook Event co-hosts?

Adding co-hosts to your Facebook Events allows you to collaborate with other pages and gives your Event more potential reach.


+Adding co-hosts allows the Event to show up on all listed Pages. Co-hosts also have editing privileges, making it easier for all involved to edit the title, description, or other Event elements.

Gain More Reach

+When you publish a Facebook Event from your Business Page, it generates a post in your Newsfeed. This alerts Page followers that a new Event has been created.

+When you add a co-host to your published Event, it also generates a post on their Newsfeed. This allows you to achieve more reach, or the amount of users who see and potentially interact with the Event.

How To Add Facebook Event Co-hosts

IMPORTANT: Only Business Pages can co-host Events made by other Business Pages. If you add personal Pages, they won’t show up.

+First, scroll to the bottom of your Event Edit window until you see the “Options” section.

+Next, type the Page name into the Co-hosts box (i.e Feastly). It should auto-populate, allowing you to click and add it.

If it doesn’t auto-populate or if more than one Page comes up, copy and paste the exact Page link (i.e. into the Co-hosts box before clicking and adding.

+The Page(s) you have invited will receive a notification. Until they accept, the co-host status will say “Pending.”

+Once they accept, it will look like this:

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