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Weekend Reading List: The Best Food Writing From Around The Web

If Friday the 13th has got you feeling spooked, settle down with our weekly reading list. From chef-fueled book recommendations to your next favorite super food, we’ve got what you need.

+Tasting Table got chefs like Daniel Boulud to share their fall book recommendations. Yes, this is a reading list on a reading list.

+Turns out “cooked with love” isn’t a real thing…at least according to the FDA.

“I really like that we list ‘love’ in the granola,” Nashoba Chief Executive John Gates told Bloomberg News. “People ask us what makes it so good. It’s kind of nice that this artisan bakery can say there’s love in it and it puts a smile on people’s face.” But the Food and Drug Administration didn’t see it that way. A human emotion, it said, cannot be an ingredient in baked goods.

+Something we’re really cheesin’ about: our favorite dairy product has been named a super food! 

+WIRED delves into how plant-based protein might save the world. 

Animal agriculture is an inordinate contributor to climate change. United Nations scientists have written that animal agriculture contributes about 40 percent more to climate change than all of the planes, trucks, cars, and other forms of transportation combined. Scientists from the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, writing for the Worldwatch Institute, dispute the U.N.’s findings and argue that the number is actually much higher.

+The winds are a-changing on the landscape of restaurant reservations. Skift Table explores the developments.

+The Chinese take-out box was unveiled among other new emojis last week. Unfortunately, its rendering sparked controversy.

The carton’s flaps are open and its contents are unseen, but the tops of two chopsticks peek out from inside and point to the sky. It’s a representation of Chinese food that at least one food blogger has taken umbrage with. Last week, Ming-Cheau Lin, a writer and recipe developer born in Taiwan and now based in Cape Town, South Africa, raised concerns about this particular design. “The chopsticks stuck in Chinese takeout symbolises [sic] death. Appropriated much?” she tweeted in response to an image of this emoji, accompanied with a plea for Apple to change its rendering.

+In deference to the ongoing fires in wine country, Michelin has postponed the release of their Bay Area 2017 guide.

+Looking for a fun Halloween cocktail ? Feastly Portland’s Emily Ross-Johson shared her “ars obscurorum” recipe, a charcoal-black whiskey drink.


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