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Social Media 101: Personalizing Your Facebook Business Page (Part 2)

Personalizing your Facebook Business page is the next step to marketing your brand on social media. To do this, you can populate the many features it contains: add photos, build out the page description, make your website more discover-able, and customize your page settings.

Still need to make a Facebook Business page? Click here to learn how.

Add Profile and Cover Photos

+ Add a profile and cover photo* to start personalizing your Facebook Business page. Use the highest quality images you have! See above for an example of eye-catching photos.

*Another way of personalizing your Facebook Business page is to add videos in the profile or cover. NOTE: Videos must be between 20 – 90 seconds and at least 820 x 312 pixels. The recommended size is 820 x 462 pixels.

Build Out The Page Description

By personalizing your Facebook Business page, users can learn relevant information about your business.

+First, click “About” on the left hand side of your Facebook Business page. Then, add relevant information to each of the areas (email, website, start date etc.).

Make Your Website More Discover-able

+Buttons are another way of personalizing your Facebook Business page. They make it easier for users to get to your website and Facebook has a number of button types from which to choose. For example, you can link your button to a newsletter sign-up.

Customize Your Page Settings

+Customize more settings to personalize your Facebook Business page further. You can specify user restrictions, tagging properties, messenger preferences, page administrators and more.

Click here to learn more about Facebook Business page Settings.


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