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Feast With Friends: How To Use Our Group Booking Feature

Organizing a group for a night out can be a bit of a hassle –which is why we’ve got a group booking feature! You can save seats for friends and invite them by link or email after booking. When your friends claim their seats on Feastly, they’ll be able to reimburse you for their costs. You’ll also be able to track invites and attendees on your special group booking page.

How To Start A Group Booking

To begin, click the “GROUP BOOKING” button next to the “RESERVE SEATS” button.

Select the number of seats you’d like to reserve for yourself under “Reserve Seats & Add-Ons.”

Select the number of seats you’d like to reserve for your group under “Saved Seats.”

Click “Continue” to view a breakdown of your purchase.  Under “Your Items,” you’ll see the total you’ll pay to reserve your own seats. Under “Reimbursable Items,” you’ll see the total you’ll pay to hold seats for your group. This page will also show the total for your purchase once all seats have been reimbursed.

To avoid missing any important meal updates, make sure to enter the name(s) and email(s) for the seat(s) you reserved for yourself. This way, your name appears on the guest list.

Using Your Group Booking Page

Once you’ve completed the checkout process, you’ll be taken to your unique group booking page. From here, you’ll be able to invite friends, track who has been invited, see who has reimbursed you, and note who will be attending with you.

How To Invite Friends

You can invite friends in two ways: via a link or via email.



Reimbursements and Attendees

When a friend has reimbursed you, you’ll receive a notification via email.

As friends book, you’ll be able to see who has reimbursed you and who will be joining you under the “Attending” section.

Those who invited but have not yet reimbursed you will appear under the “Invited” section.

How To Cancel Group Booking Seats

At any time, you can cancel your reserved and un-reimbursed seats in your “Attending Feasts” dashboard. Please note that our standard 48-hour cancellation policy still applies. Friends who have claimed their seats must cancel them individually in their own “Attending Feast” dashboard. 

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