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Weekend Reading List: The Best Food Writing From Around The Web

We scoured the Internet for the weirdest, most interesting, and most tantalizing food reads…so you don’t have to! Like what you see? Tell us about it in the comments.

+Laser pointers and poking are just a few ways this deaf chef makes it in the hustle and bustle of the restaurant kitchen. 

+Plastic straws and utensils will soon be absent from all Seattle restaurants. But it took seven years.

The ban only applies to restaurants serving food, as plastic straws and utensils can still be purchased at city grocery stores. Restaurants that do not comply will be warned and eventually fined but eateries will be given assistance with the transition.

+School is back in session, and California’s Sausalito Marin City district has become the first to serve students 100% organic meals. We think that deserves an A.

+For those of you who steer clear of brown foods, behold this new ruby chocolate! 

Made from red cocoa powder derived from the ruby cocoa bean, the new iteration is said to possess “berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness,” providing chocoholics “intense sensorial delight.” According to The Sun, Angus Kennedy of Kennedy’s Confection magazine called the unique variety, “refreshing, light and fruity.” Those aren’t adjectives we’used to hearing describe chocolate, so we’re certainly curious. The fruity flavor notes require no artificial berry flavoring or red coloring.

+If you’re in Minnesota, sun-powered honey is coming your way! The first batch of “solar honey,” or honey produced on solar array sites, will be harvested this October. Buzz, buzz.

+The next ‘za at your door might come sans delivery person.

Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Cars will be used in the test, outfitted with pizza containers created by Domino’s partner Roush Enterprises designed to keep the pizzas warm en route, and to unlock when a customer types in their unique delivery code…Both Ford and Domino’s will be using the test to see how people react to receiving pizzas via self-driving vehicles.

+”Sweet Martha” sells chocolate chip cookies at the Minnesota State Fair…and they bring in three million dollars in just 12 days. 

+You won’t find Toloca turkey legs at this “Disneyland of food halls”…but it does have a place called “Mortadella World.”

The massive “world’s largest agri-food farm” opens in Bologna, Italy this November, and contains so many different experiences it’s overwhelming. The space includes more than 40 restaurants and bars, nearly five acres of fields and stables, multimedia centers and educational rides, and an event space for cooking classes, wine tastings, and conferences.

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