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Quick Tips To Fight Food Waste At Home

fight food waste

At one point or another, we’ve all let a piece of meat spoil in the refrigerator or chucked carrot tops into the garbage. To celebrate No Waste August, we polled our community of home cooks about the small things they do to fight food waste in their kitchens everyday. Did we miss your favorite way to fight food waste? Let us know in the comments!

Plan Ahead.

Create weekly menus and shopping lists – food is often wasted due to lack of planning!

+Eliminate repeat buying by checking your fridge and pantry before making a shopping list.

+Think about how many meals you can realistically cook so you don’t overbuy ingredients.

+Buy ingredients you can use in multiple dishes.

+Get fun recipe inspiration from social media or sites like Buzzfeed and Tasty.


Save and Repurpose.

+Collect and freeze food scraps to use in stocks later, like vegetable parts, shrimp shells, or chicken bones.

+Make veggie patties with leftover grains.

+Learn how to pickle and ferment! Curing ingredients is a great way to increase their life. Plus, it adds new flavor dimensions to dishes.

Cook Root-To-End.

Experiment with using parts of vegetables that are often thrown out, like beet greens, radish tops, or broccoli stalks. 

+Use the internet! Searching for ingredient inspiration is a great way to find new recipes and shake up your kitchen routine.

Keep Things Fresh…Literally.

Correctly store items to prolong their life. Contributor Samantha Grieder shared some easy tips for storing everyday ingredients:

+Put herbs in water like you would flowers.

+Store eggs inside of the fridge instead of in the door.

+Store mushrooms in paper bags with paper towels to absorb moisture.

+Separate onions and potatoes to avoid early sprouting.

Use It Before It Goes

Contributor Mary O’Donnell provided perfect uses for ingredients about to go bad:

+For old eggs, make a quiche!

+Use nearly-expired milk in baked goods.

+Turn stale bread into French toast or use in French onion soup.

+Convert past-their-prime tomatoes into tasty marinara sauce.

Thanks to contributors Atourina Charles, Erin Conway, Camila Rinaldi, Natalie Romero, Tricia Koon, and Dolly Ponce.

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