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What We’re Reading This Week: Food Waste Edition

To celebrate No Waste August, we compiled our favorite food waste reads! So go ahead…get trashy with us.

+In 2017, there’s an app for everything…including one that might just lessen food waste. Hudson Valley Magazine has the local scoop.

Sometime within the next few months, the Community Foundation of the Hudson Valley (in partnership with HVRC) will be releasing FeedHV, a web and mobile app designed to link donors of fresh produce and other prepared-but-unserved food to nonprofits with culinary-based assistance programs (food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, and the like).

+Reading just one food waste article pushed this entrepreneur to launch a wasted-ingredients condiment company.

+Forget prime rib or filet of sole. A U.K. couple fed their wedding guests a menu made entirely of retailer-rejected food.

+Urban hipsters aren’t the only ones gettin’ it done on bikes. Check out how this Denver organization is rescuing compost from landfills on two wheels.

Along with Denver Food Rescue, a nonprofit that saves food that would otherwise be thrown away from grocery stores and takes it directly to communities in need, Scraps offers hyperlocal solutions that the city and others may not provide. Both groups do the bulk of their work from bikes, allowing neighborhood-based programs and immediate deliveries without a middleman.

+The Big Apple’s got a core mission (ha!): transform food scraps and yard waste into compost and use-able energy…on a massive scale. The New York Times outlines the extensive plan.

+Good news! Drinking can reduce food waste. See how bars across the globe are giving new meaning to the term “getting trashed.”


+Food waste is not just an ethical issue — it’s a financial one.

[The] ReFED [Roadmap to Reduce US Food Waste] says…27 solutions can reduce food waste by 20%, or 13 million tons, producing $100 billion in economic value over 10 years. Most of this would be from diverting food away landfills and stopping on-farm losses. More than 75% of the economic opportunity is in “prevention solutions.”

+These nine companies are turning food waste into delicious eats and drinks. Unwanted produce jerky, anyone?

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