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Weekend Reading: The Best of Food Writing From Around the Web

Hungry for food lit? Here are good news & stories so good, we’ve got second servings every week.

+ San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing was acquired by Japanese beer brand, Sapporo. However, it’s not the only small craft brewery being gobbled up by larger beer conglomerates.

The news comes as the latest in a line of high-profile craft breweries purchased by larger beverage companies, following in the footsteps of Heineken’s acquisition of Lagunitas, Constellation’s 2015 takeover of Ballast Point, and AB InBev’s purchases of Goose Island and Wicked Weed, among many others.

+ You Know Nothing Jon Dough – That’s the name of the temporary Game of Thrones themed pop-up bakery available through UK’s food delivery service Deliveroo. Even better: it’s by GoT’s own Ben Hawkey (“Hot Pie”), who was hawking Direwolf bread to UK GoT fans.

+ Meet the Texan who catches cattle thieves for a living.

+ If you enjoy a good digestif, try making your own Amaro at home with this easy recipe for a small batch of the sweet, Italian liqueur.

Photo by Mark Levisay

+ Tom Smith is the man behind the world’s hottest new pepper. Registering at 2.48m Scoville heat units (SHU), it is so hot, it can kill you. Smith said the plant was developed in partnership with Nottingham Trent University and has real medical benefits.

“This was developed because a lot of people are allergic to anaesthetic, and this can be applied to the skin because it is so strong it numbs it.” – Smith

+ In the age of Yelp, why is Eater acquiring a new SF-based female food critic? Join the critical conversation over at Tasting Table.

+ Vacationing in Mexico City? Don’t miss out on the city’s growing Korean food establishments.

Creating authentic-tasting Korean food with the products available in Mexico City is not a simple task, and it requires both culinary ingenuity and lots of imports. At Na De Fo, noodles and meat come from the U.S., while a Japanese purveyor provides the Korean rice. The silver exhaust vents that hang over the tabletop grills are also imported, from Korea, as are fruit wines and soju. Sometimes, the family brings hard-to-find spices back in their suitcases after visiting Korea.


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