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What We’re Reading This Week: The Best Food Writing From Around The Web

We’ve harvested this week’s new crop of food reads! From visual food puns and the US mushroom capital to a floating food forest and the Queen of French Fries, this list is sure to delight.

+ Where can you grab a roll of toilet paper, a tube of toothpaste, and a freshly made tuna roll? At the Walgreens in San Francisco’s Union Square, of course! Check out this review of a pharmacy-sushi bar hybrid.

+ Chris Durso, creator of food culture site Foodiggity, has visually re-imagined all 50 states as food puns. See you in Piedaho and Tunasee.

+ Half of America’s mushrooms are grown in Chester County, Pennsylvania in damp, dark, fungus-loving huts. Take a tour of the mushroom capital on SAVEUR.

These caverns produce a whopping 35 million pounds of mushrooms a year, in the middle of the mushroom capital of the United States. Although 23 different states farm mushrooms commercially in the U.S., Pennsylvania is behind a whopping 44 percent of every… single… mushroom… that lands on grocery store shelves. In 2015, the American total was 946 million pounds, or $1.19 billion worth of fungus.

+ It might not be last night’s gas station Taquito that led to 24 hours of toilet-hugging misery. The New York Times tracks the many potential causes of what the CDC calls an “acute gastrointestinal event.”

+ Professional golfer Danielle Kang celebrated her big win with a big bowl of noodles, and it’s pho-king awesome.

Pho out of the trophy… 🤔 @daniellekang Pic credit @themichellewie

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+ You won’t find this urban garden on a rooftop, but you will find it floating down the Bronx River. Created by artist Mary Mattingly, Swale is a proposed solution for urban food deserts.

Swale is completely powered by solar panels, and it recycles its own water thanks to a system of pumps and sand filters. It also collects rainwater, and it can desalinate and purify the brackish river water if need be. The barge adds arable land in a dense urban area where land is scarce, and it can float from neighborhood to neighborhood — serving different communities from month to month.

+ Mastering the art of the French fry is no small feat, but Suzy Palatin has earned the title of frites royalty. She even wrote a book about it. 

+ Willow Tree Poultry Farm has recently recalled 440 pounds of “Buffalo-style chicken” products for containing tuna salad, not chicken. Cue the Jessica Simpson memes. 



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