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Weekend Reading: The Best of Food Writing From Around the Web

Your long weekend deserves food reading boosts. We’re here to help you with just that.

+ What if you could drink your way to sustainability? Now you can with this new beer crafted from food waste.

“[Bread] is one of the most wasted foods in the developed world, for sure,” Lizarondo tells SAVEUR. “Some of the bread, especially the packaged ones, have a longer shelf life but artisan breads frequently do not. We thought that turning it into beer would be a great way to not only save it from going to landfills but to start a conversation about food waste.”

+ To peel or not to peel – who knew kiwi consumption could be so controversial?

Leo’s Taco Truck by Steve Lyon

+ It took the Trump presidency, but it is now no longer a criminal offense to sell food on the streets of LA.

Fearing a coming crackdown on immigrants under President Trump, Los Angeles City Council members Joe Buscaino and Curren Price vowed to stop punishing vending as a crime and to begin setting up a regulated system.

+ Choose your courses according to your DNA at this new London restaurant touting the healthiest meal in the world.

+ Instacart’s new partnership with Costco means you no longer have to pay the $60 annual fee to buy in bulk. Instead, pay Instacart the service and delivery fee and wait for that discounted 50-pound bag of flour to show up at your door.

Hungry Jack Pancake Mix 6/2015,by Mike Mozart

+ Here’s another surprising food product that’s being peddled as faux-cain: pancake mix.

We’ve all heard about the guy selling dime bags of oregano, and watched Dirk Diggler try to pass off baking soda as cocaine in Boogie Nights. But two particularly ambitious wannabe dealers might have just won the Fake Drugs Award when they attempted to sell a kilo of pancake mix…to cops.

+ Get ready for the long weekend with these eight delicious food documentaries on Netflix.

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