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Weekend Reading: The Best of Food Writing From Around the Web

When we’re not eating food, cooking food, or looking at food, we’re reading about food. Check out the stories and trends that got us hungry for more.

+ Tired of the same ol’ food news? Here’s a new magazine made for chefs, by chefs.

A peacock walks into a liquor store… and destroys $500 of champagne and booze:

Still, the story ends with a happy ending for the peacock (though not so much for wine lovers who hate to see a good bottle go to waste). He’ll be released at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden – hopefully putting a swift end to his reign of terror at Southern California liquor stores.

What’s vegan bacon? Not actually bacon, according to European meat producers who are trying to stop the “deceptive” use of words we often associate with animal products –bacon, hamburger, and chicken nuggets to name a few. They might have a case:

Labeling for milk and dairy products in Europe is already strictly enforced: words such as milk, yogurt, and cheese must refer to products produced by “mammary secretions.” Common products such as soy milk are sold with distinctly different titles, including “soy beverage” or “soy drink.”

Love can take you only so far, whereas love of pizza can actually take you to Yale.

For some, retirement in a nursing home sounds like an unpleasant affair. It’s probably because we can’t all retire to Hvalsø Ældrecenter in Denmark where retirees live above one of the world’s best chocolatiers. And yes, the folks there often get decadent chocolate desserts.

But what do residents of the nursing home think about all that fine chocolate? In the cafeteria, we met the 71-year-old retired naval architect, Thomas Michelsen, who said that the brownie was “a little much, but good.” Hansen agreed that the brownie had a powerful flavor, which isn’t surprising considering it’s made with 70 percent dark chocolate. Hansen later admitted that, for many years, she worked for Tom’s, Denmark’s largest chocolate manufacturer, so her opinion may have been slightly biased.


+ We wholeheartedly agree: coffee should not be served in vegetables. Thanks a latte, Eater!

+ Talk about a dreamy (but wet) commute: a floating, tropical lunch spot worth canoeing to when in Panama.

So there I was, on an elevated floor raised two stories above the ground as oil simmered in a caldron. I rinsed my hands in a bowl of water full of vibrant leaves and herbs pulled from nearby plants. As they dried I caught whiffs of orange and lilac and cinnamon. Lunch would be twice-fried plantains and fish, also fried, that we picked up on the way in.

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