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Chef Tip: Creating a Global Discount

It’s no secret that discount codes can be a very powerful tool in selling seats, and many of our most experienced Feastly chefs effectively use our current discount system. However, lots of you have asked for the additional ability to create a code that will apply to any of your meals. I’m happy to announce that we heard your feedback and have launched this new feature!

How to create a global discount

To create a discount that applies to any of your meals, simply go to the marketing section of your chef account ( and create as many codes as you would like*. You can limit the total number of uses and make them for a percentage of the purchase price or a fixed dollar amount. Please keep in mind that each code can only be used once per user. So if you want to give certain users a discount more than once, you may want to create them for specific time periods or meals (e.g. “summer” or “June” or “Meal Title”).

How to use discount codes effectively

Discount codes are often created just for family and friends, but there are a wide variety of ways you can use them as marketing tools to accomplish your goals on the platform. An effective example to encourage repeat attendees is creating VIP codes that you can send to previous diners. This is a good long term strategy because, as many of you know, building loyal followers is the best way to move toward consistently selling out.

Another effective strategy is to use discount codes to get people in the door for the first time. Feastly uses this strategy with everyone who creates an account. To do this, put a code in the place where people have their first interaction with you, like your Facebook brand page, your Feastly profile, or your email marketing list. Since it can only be used once per user, you don’t have to worry about people using it repeatedly.

It goes without saying that the creation of any discount code should be done with an understanding of the potential loss in profit. But with the right planning and strategy, they can help you grow and make money by encouraging more sales and build lasting relationships with diners.

If you have any questions about how to create codes to accomplish your goals, please reach out to us at or post in the Feastly chefs FB group.

Joey DeBruin
Head of Growth, Feastly

*Note: if you previously created meal specific codes, they may show up here as global codes. Simply delete them if you do not want them to show up.

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