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Weekend Reading: The Best of Food Writing From Around the Web

This holiday weekend, celebrate with delicious reads. 

+ There are good reasons why avocado toasts are expensive. An Oakland restaurateur explains.

+ When in Romania, there’s a small chance your fowl is actually foul. According to supermarket investigators (these are my kind of detectives), a local grocery store in Baneasa found 154 pounds of expired meat, which also included chicken that went bad in 2011.

In an ironic twist, Romania had actually juuuust passed a law requiring all food vendors to donate leftovers that haven’t been sold within three days of their expiration date. As reported by Romanian Insider, national retailers will now be “obliged to donate [the leftover food] to non-profit organizations or to city halls to support poor families, or to sell them to social enterprises at 3% of their acquisition or production cost starting Sunday, May 21.”

+ We think this medical history is bananas: before the discovery of gluten, those who suffered from celiac disease were subjected to a strange low-carb diet of mostly bananas. For some, the regimen saved their lives, but at a cost. Read more on NPR.

+ Boba lovers, here’s a brief history of bubble tea. Short, fun, and to the point – you can probably finish reading it before saying, “another boba order, please!”

+ This summer, have your coffee and cocktail too with this soda made from coffee berries.

Though it’s made from coffee, cascara — pronounced kass-car-ah, meaning “husk” in Spanish — is actually more like tea. It’s often made into a syrup, which can then be used in a soda. To extract the coffee cherry’s flavor, the fruit’s dried husks are steeped in water like a tisane.

This can be drunk on its own or reduced with sugar to make a syrup…The syrup can also go into mixed drinks; at the Colada Shop, it’s used in an old fashioned.

It tastes nothing like coffee. With a rich, caramel color, it has the flavor of plums and cherries, with notes of spice and fig.

+ Some news worth toasting: in Scotland, new, sustainable whiskey production technology will help bring back the native oysters.

+ Just in time for your Memorial Day freakout: 210,000 pounds of Nathan’s and Curtis brand hot dogs are being recalled due to metal contamination. Here’s how to know if your dogs are bad:

The specific products affected include 16-ounce packages of Curtis Beef Master Beef Franks, which have a use-by date of June 15, 2017, and 14-ounce packages of Nathan’s Skinless 8 Beef Franks, with a use-by date of August 19, 2017.

+ Is it risky business for restaurants to serve ICE breakfast? In Ann Arbor, MI, ICE agents ate breakfast before detaining the restaurant’s own workers.  


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