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What We’re Reading: The Best of Food Writing From Around the Web

kushikatsu by kimishowota 

This weekend, avoid your spring cleaning with our list of weird news and wonderful stories from the culinary world. Then, head over to our latest roundup of favorite Instagram photos posted by you, our diners.

+ In a made-for-TV story: a dying father’s long lost recipe for fried meat-on-a-stick turned his daughter into a multimillionaire.

+ A student project that proposes repurposing washing machines as sous-vide tubs went viral this week. It’s a direct homage to the classic alt-appliance recipe for  steam-your-fish-in-the-dishwasher.

If you like the idea of buttery coffee but don’t believe the bulletproof hype, try coffee-enhanced butter. With only 15 minutes, this recipe from Tasting Table will upgrade your toast game with a delicious jolt of caffeine without the health gimmicks. 

+ While you’re getting all buttered up, check out the latest news about the decline of margarine sales. With new science vilifying unhealthy saturated fats commonly found in margarine, is it that surprising that margarine will likely never be better than butter?

+ No one will love you more than your own fried chicken tenders, said the woman who shared professional engagement photos on Facebook as her declaration of eternal love for Popeyes.

+ Cooking this weekend? Polish up your techniques with these 7 all-time best kitchen hacks from Alton Brown. Our favorite: the automatic pepper drill = drill + pepper grinder.


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