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#GirlsWithKnives Giveaway: Feastly + WÜSTHOF

Photo: Brooklyn-based craftswoman Chelsea Miller in the midst of creating one of her handmade knives.

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National Women’s History Month has begun and we want to hear from you! We’re partnering with WÜSTHOF USA to celebrate amazing ladies in food and bring you the sharpest prizes we could find. Watch our social channels and blog this month to participate in this limited-time contest! See below for rules and eligibility. 



Seven-Piece Block Set (valued at ~$600).WÜSTHOF‘s versatile set includes a 3.5″ paring knife, 6″ utility knife, 8″ bread knife, 8″ cook’s knife, 9″ honing steel, come-apart kitchen shears, and a 15-slot knife block. 


8″ Über Chef’s Knife (valued at $175).WÜSTHOF has modernized their classic chef’s knife to create the Über. This knife chops, slices, and dices with the utmost precision.



7″ Santoku Hollow Edge (valued at $165). With a thinner blade, a hollow edge, and evenly-spaced vertical indents, the Santoku delivers a friction-fighting chop every time.  


Throughout March, we’ll be posting daily female-centric culinary content on our Facebook, Instagram, and blog with calls for story submissions. Share your experiences about being a woman in the culinary space or tell us about the culinary females who inspire you. We’ll be choosing the 3 best submissions to receive the prizes above!

  1. Go to our Facebook page:
  2. Share your story as a comment on any #girlswithknives post or image.
  3. Tag your comment with #eatfeastly and #girlswithknives.
  1. Go to our Instagram page:
  2. Share your story as a comment on any #girlswithknives image.
  3. Tag your comment with #eatfeastly and #girlswithknives.
  1. Go to our blog:
  2. Share your story as a comment on any #girlswithknives articles.


Women In Food: 

Are you the only woman on the line? The designer of a kitchen gadget? Leader of a fem-centric food organization? Share your stories about being a female in a traditionally male-dominated field!

Food-Loving, Women-Supporting Allies:

We know we’re not the only ones who idolize the likes of Dominique Crenn, Nancy Silverton, or Ayesha Curry. Tell us about the culinary females who inspire you and why!

Submit your stories by 11:59pm on March 28 PST. Winners will be notified on March 29.


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  1. Anne Shah says

    I have a friend, Rocio Siso, who came to the United States from Spain 10-15 years ago in order to follow her culinary passion. She grew up in a comfortable lifestyle in a part of Spain called Galicia, where she enjoyed quality food and wine on a daily basis. Her desire to be a chef was halted by her family, who stereotyped chefs as male; Females who could cook were good homemakers. She knew that this stereotype was common in Spain, and that she would not be able to follow her dream there. She moved to the United States, finally won the green card lottery, and is now creating masterpieces at Nine-Ten in La Jolla, CA. I am so proud to have her as a friend, and am amazed by her talents.

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  3. Karen Aleman says

    I started my culinary journey after I had my son at 44 I was changing and so was my life so I went to culinary school and graduated before I turned 50 and with in 3 months I Opened a cafe in a huge salon in Anaheim Hills. It’s just the beginning for me because my dreams are much bigger but I love where I am and what I do.

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  21. Jennifer Essad says

    Our parents taught us to cook, my youngest brother is an amazing griller with the ability to make any cut of meat delicious and tender and we all enjoy being together. What I like the most is getting us all in the kitchen and each of us taking on a task. I’m the only lefty and find carving difficult. I bet this set of knives would really make a difference for me #girlswithknives

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