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These Holiday Traditions Prove That Food is Always Worth Celebrating

We know that getting into the holiday spirit often involve spirits (and food) so we polled our talented chefs and the Feastly HQ team for their favorite culinary customs. Maybe you’ll adopt one from below.

Making Dumplings & Spring Rolls

Kryssie Tinsay Martinez: Feastly LA Chef

Chef Kryssie

Kryssie is equal parts Phillippines and So-Cal. She feeds LA home-cooked Filipino eats with a fresh approach and good vibes.

“My favorite holiday tradition is making pork dumplings and egg rolls with my mom around the dinner table for Christmas ‘noche buena.’ “


Dine With Kryssie

A Small, Fruity Stocking Stuffer

Lindsay Kinder: Macaron Queen and Feastly SF Chef 

Chef Lindsay

Lindsay is the brains and the beauty behind Food La La, bringing culinary knowledge to SF food-lovers and beyond. She demystifies France’s typically intimidating treat, the macaron, through her fun workshops! For her, the holidays mean:

“There’s always a tangerine in the toe of my stocking :)”


Cook With Lindsay

Banana Leaf Feasts

Meena Bala: Kitchen Engineer and Feastly SF Chef 

Computer program by day and chef the rest of the time, Meena brings the training from her mother’s kitchen to her pop-ups. She showcases cuisine from various regions of India.


“I love eating various courses served on banana leaves. It’s self-serve, and I sit on the living room floor with my friends and family.”

Dine With Meena

Cooking Traditional Family Recipes

Shannon Feltus: Mother of Ovens, Hunger Slayer, and Feastly PDX 

Shannon is a cook, a gardener, and a self-proclaimed culinary horticulturalist. Her Urban Farm Foods pop-ups highlight seasonal ingredients from local producers, and she often crafts events around a certain theme.

“My favorite holiday traditions all involve cooking, of course. But the best part is having my sister with me to recreate our family recipes that only she and I know. So the Christmas turkey and sides will be that same, familiar taste for generations. We are the keepers of comfort.”

Dine With Shannon

Getting High on Caffeine

 Joey: Captain Carrot, Head of Growth, and Feastly SF Chef

Chef Joey

“Now that my brothers and I have joined our parents in coffee addiction, drinking a few cups on an empty stomach has become a tradition as we unwrap gifts. This means that later we have a house full of crazy people and the reactions to inane gifts get more animated. Then we pace around while my Dad whips up bacon, eggs, cinnamon rolls, and orange juice. We eat and remember that the holidays are supposed to be chill.”

Dine With Joey

Sneaking Chinese Take-Out to the Movies

Noah: Feastly Founder and CEO


“Eating Chinese food and heading to the movie theater on Christmas Day. Last year, we actually brought the Chinese spread to the theater to see Seth Rogen’s The Night Before Christmas. Someone stepped in the food on the way out–it was gross.”



Baking Cookies for the Whole Village

Julia: Fish Sauce Worshiper, Babka Maven, and Feastly’s PDX City Director


“My mother used to ‘recruit’ me to help her bake giant batches of cookies which we wrapped in colored cellophane and gifted to neighbors, friends, family, our mailman and our newspaper delivery man. Everyone loved receiving our cookie platters. The smiles were infectious. I live 3,500 miles away from my mother today but I still make a point of baking cookies every year with friends to give out during the holidays.”

Make Babka With Julia

Bacon Hide-N-Seek

Kelsey: “Kelsey From Feastly” and Chief Happiness Officer


“A few years back my uncle brought a collection of bacon-themed items for a gift swap and I ended up with the collection. After, I snuck out to his car and hid all the bacon items. It wasn’t until they were one hour into their drive that they discovered what I had done. Now every holiday season, my aunt, uncle, and I all try to hide bacon items in others’ belongings. Oddly enough, we never actually eat bacon at Christmas brunch.”


Vodka Latke Parties

Adam: Feastly’s COO (Chief of Operations or Chief Oil Officer)


“We’ve been doing a Vodka Latke party annually for about 136 years. It’s a bacchanalia of fried foods – my famous traditional latke, along with non-Jewy sorts like arancini, crab balls, and fried dough. For the libations, friends bring their favorite cocktails and we send our kids out on an adventure so we can get sauced in peace.”



Partying With All the Cookies

Tim: Beard Grower and Feastly’s Co-Director of Private Events


Tradition: “We go to a cookie holiday party every year. I love stuffing myself full of cookies and drinking hot toddies.”




Overnight Oats + Christmas Eve Gifts

Kelly: Chef Magnet and Feastly’s LA City Director


“My favorite holiday tradition is watching Scrooged on Christmas Eve, opening all the gifts that night, and then sleeping in on Christmas morning. Bonus points if I use the slow cooker to make overnight oatmeal – nothing like waking up to the smell of your breakfast being ready!”



Eggnog Competitions


Jen: Feastly’s Co-Director of Private Events

“”My favorite holiday tradition is buying all of the eggnog substitutions and having a competition with my dad (who uses Kroger brand) to see who can make the best nog. He always wins.”


“Hanukkah” Stockings

Annabel: Dr. of Dietary Restrictions and Feastly Growth


“Though I grew up in a Jewish home, my parents allows us a small peak into the joys of Christmas morning. We hung our stockings on Christmas Eve (no tree) and raced out of our bedrooms on Christmas morning to pull a small box of sugary cereal out of them. We then gathered around the kitchen table to savor the taste of Apple Jax, Chocolate Rice Crispies, or Cap’n Crunch that we only got once a year.”


Wine & Chocolate Endings

Molly: Duncan’s Dog Mom and Feastly’s SF City Director


“At my house, the highlight of the holidays is always the food. While we don’t necessarily cook the same thing year after year (some years it’s crab, other years a roast) our holidays always revolve around a big family meal. The one thing you can always count on at our house? A good bottle of wine and something chocolate-y to finish the night.”


Eating Your Food

Duncan, Feastly’s Chief Operating Woofer



We’ve yet to decode dog-speak, but we’re pretty sure Duncan’s holiday traditions involve toppling over the Christmas tree and sniping food off of any surface he can reach.



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