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Top 5 Reasons Brunch is ALWAYS a Good Idea

1. It is totally acceptable and encouraged to order dishes like “Nutella, Honey Bacon Stuffed French Toast Caramelized with Candied Pecans and Tiny Marshmallows”.


2. Because drinking champagne during the day makes you feel like this:


3. You can order a full entree AND a stack of pancakes on the side, because you want a “few bites” of something sweet. No shame.


4. Brunch options are so good, serious focus is vital when it comes to deciding what you are going to order.


5. The feeling of achievement when you order the best dish and all your friends gawk at the beauty and magic that is your plate(s).


Love brunching? Feastly now has a ton of fantastic brunches, including sous-vide fusion, Parisian fare and Japanese classics. Check them out at www.eatfeastly.com/brunch

Get your brunch on.

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