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Marketing Your Feast: Chef Social Media 101

Social media is home to everything from viral animal videos and recipes to editorial content and hard-hitting news. It’s also a great way to market pop-up meals to hungry audiences! This quick guide covers Facebook and Instagram, two strong social media tools you can use to promote your brand and events.


  • Create one main hashtag for your brand. This creates a consistent way for you to keep track of your content and for audiences to find and engage with it. Examples: #feastly #ichidosf #eatsbye
  • Create a set of hashtags to use every time you post (if you’re trying to gain more followers, try starting off with 15-20 hashtags per post)
    Examples: #foodie #sanfrancisco #feastly #seafood #guitarfish #freshcatch #catchoftheday #popupdinner #supperclub #soulfood #organic #homecooking
  • The purpose of hashtags is to create keywords that people can find your content under. Don’t be too general, because your content will get lost in the sea of other photos tagged with those hashtags. Try searching up several hashtags on Instagram and see how many posts are under them.
  • Tagging your location gives more detail and information to your post, and helps solidify the “local” feeling of your activity and food to audiences.
  • Tag @eatfeastly, @feastlyla and/or @feastlypdx in your posts so we can engage with your content, too!
Posting Frequency
  • Optimal post frequency on Instagram ranges for everyone, but you don’t want to be posting more than once every 4-6 hours. For beginners, 3-4 times a week should be sufficient.  For more experienced Instagrammers, 5-7 times is good (one photo a day is a great pattern), and for the Instacrazy, 14 times a week (2x a day) is alright too!
  • Use Instagram Stories for another way to engage with your audience!


    • If you haven’t already, create a Facebook business page for your brand. You can start here.
    • Create Facebook events to market your meals. Click here to learn how.
    • Post about upcoming meals, meal prep, new menu ideas, dish sneak peeks, sourcing ingredients, hosting events, or any other content you find interesting or relevant to share with potential diners.
    • Tag Feastly and your city page in all posts.
    • Join our Facebook groups: Feastly Chefs and/or Feastly PDX ChefsFeastly Feasters,  and Plantifulthese are other resources that you can use to share your content and get people to engage with you.
At Your Pop-Ups
  • Tell your diners about your social media channels (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and encourage them to share their photos online and tag your hashtag or your handle. (Examples: #feastly @eatfeastly)
  • Update your business cards & print out menus to have your social media handles and hashtags easily visible to guests. For example:
    • Instagram: @eatfeastly
    • Facebook: www.facebook.com/Feastly
    • Twitter: @eatfeastly
  • For printed out menus include your general hashtag, but also event-specific hashtags!
    • General: #feastly
    • Event-specific: #feastlyhappyhour #feastlyfridays


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