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Launching to new heights: Ice Cream Jubilee

We’re ecstatic to congratulate one of our Feastly Cooks on her growing success! Victoria, while maintaining her law career,  began making ice cream in 2009 and started hosting Feastly tasting events in 2012.  Pursuing her interest in cooking left her inspired: “I decided to deliberately add passion, creativity, color, and flavors to every aspect of my life.” Just this month she’s opened the Ice Cream Jubilee shop in Washington D.C., only 2 years after the first Feastly tasting event.

Victoria's first ice cream tasting event in 2012.

Victoria’s first ice cream tasting event in 2012. Photo from Ice Cream Jubilee’s Facebook Page

Feastly is thrilled to have helped Victoria in her pursuit to “celebrate love and togetherness” through the sweet pleasure of ice cream. You can read the inside scoop on Victoria’s journey below along with details of an exclusive event and discount code just for Feastly!

Inspired flavors: sweet potato pie, Thai iced tea, chocolate orange and strawberry black tea

Inspired flavors: sweet potato pie, Thai iced tea, chocolate orange and strawberry black tea. Photo from Ice Cream Jubilee’s Website

Why are you a food entrepreneur?

I have always loved making ice cream and sharing it with others! Though I have long loved helping start up political campaigns, I wanted to bring that energy to ice cream and build a space where I could create new flavors and invite DC to try them.

What is most rewarding about your current role?

Being able to be a part of people’s lives and really just make their day. It’s hard to be upset or angry when you’re grabbing a friend and getting some ice cream, and I’m so grateful to be a part of that. My greatest compliment is seeing a five-year-old kid with Chocolate Chocolate smeared all over their face.

How did you land in this industry and what inspires you about working with ice cream? (as if that’s a hard question : )

Ice cream has always been a happy memory for me. My dad would work late nights when I was growing up, and so if we couldn’t have family dinner he always made sure we shared some ice cream before bed. It was our time to talk about our days and connect. Even when working at Homeland Security and making ice cream as a hobby, I found that I always had energy for it.

How did you make the decision to leap from full-time work to your food business?

Deciding to open my own business has been the most challenging – but also the most rewarding – thing I’ve ever done. I found that I always had the energy and creativity to work on ice cream as a hobby, and I eventually found it rewarding in so many new ways.

What is the most influential piece of advice you’ve received and from whom?

“Invest in yourself to learn what makes you happy and force yourself to create. If you love music, squeeze time into your day to create music. If you love science, challenge yourself to understand it better and take your appreciation of it to the next level. Dreaming takes discipline, and you’re the only one who prioritize your dreams for yourself.”


Feasters’ Tasting Party
Hear about Ice Cream Jubilee’s special flavors and journey, sample Zeke’s coffee served in-shop, and taste-test their newest exclusive flavors!

1 hour tastings: July 31 @ 5pm, 6pm, 7pm
301 Water Street, SE  Washington, DC 20003

Reserve your spot today!

Use our special socialsummer discount code before July 31st for 25% off



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