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Traditions and Rituals: Results Are In!

Feastly asked, and YOU answered!
It’s no surprise that our community members see the dinning table as more than just a piece of furniture– It’s a space to connect, share and nourish our lives! A mindful meal shared, or on our own, makes each bite tastier– linking moments and flavors to make our most powerful memories.
Table setting flower

Here at Feastly, we unplug during lunch, soak in some rays, and taste each others’ food. Recharging together over a meal keeps us focused on our goal to make social dining accessible again.

We were honored to read through your dynamic traditions, here is the winner’s story:

My most memorable tradition around the dinner table is…
“My mother and grandmother are both very superstitious and would never set a table for an odd number, but especially 13. An extra plate would always be set at the table even if it was crowded. No matter the number of times I gave my mom that, “Really?” look, she would shrug and say, “I can’t help it” and the table setting would be placed. The irony is that no matter how many times we have an extra plate, it has NEVER been empty. We have such an open door policy for our family dinners that stragglers and extra are always welcome.   -Rachel

Thank you for sharing your memorable meal traditions with Feastly! More than ever, time spent around a shared table can preserve community traditions — We look forward to sitting across from you at your next Feastly meal.

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