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Feastly’s Food Entrepreneurs Series: April of The Nosh DC


Chef April of The Nosh, a supper club in Washington, DC, shares with us her story and passion for cooking and hosting. You can find her meals (always with leftovers!) on Feastly; coming up The Drunken Fish a tribute to the sea and wheat not? a gluten-free menu for even non-GF feasters. She serves the Shaw/Ledroit area and beyond – let’s feast!

Why are you a food entrepreneur/dinner party cook?

There is no middle ground with me when it comes to food. Either I am microwaving and eating a burrito over the kitchen sink, or cooking a feast asking over friends.

One Thanksgiving my roommate and I were away from our families. We decided to throw our own meal, inviting friends and neighbors to celebrate with us. I learned something that Thanksgiving – food is a wonderful connector. While some people came as strangers, everyone left as well-fed friends. I try to recreate that at each Nosh event.

What is most rewarding about your current role as ‘Head Chef/Janitor’ at the Underground Nosh?

It was hard to meet people when I first moved to Washington DC. A shame, because DC is filled with interesting people. I strived to get feasters from “Hi my is …” to “Let’s hang out.”

How did you make the decision to leap from full-time work to your food business? 

I was bored. I love a challenge and felt… Well bored.  The Nosh provides an outlet for me to try new things whether, it is in the kitchen or behind the computer. I still juggle working at a non-profit and The Nosh, but it would be wonderful to go full-time on my food business.


What is the most influential piece of advice you’ve received and from whom?

Honestly, I may have exhausted my mother from talking about starting the Nosh so much she said, “Just do it, already!”

Nicest compliment you’ve been given about your food.

Ha! Aside from clean plates! It was at my first Nosh event, a guest mentioned they were not a huge fan of lamb at the beginning of the night. By the end of the night, she said it was her favorite dish.

If you weren’t doing this, where in time would you be and what would you be doing?

1920s Paris, France. There was a lot of creating and joie d’vivre going on back then.

Why Feastly?

You guys are awesome! Duh! When I first started, a food reporter from The Washington Post wanted to interview me. Feastly staff members, Noah and Lauren both took the time to coach me on what to say and how to say it. That speaks volumes to me. Feastly is a great platform for people to join the fun!

Final thoughts?

No one likes to be hungry and bored. Join us for dinner! #FeastOn


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