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Frogmore Stew

This Saturday evening Jessica welcomed a large group of Feasters on to her rooftop and then into her home, for Frogmore Stew.

The rooftop view.

The night started off with a variety of homemade biscuits and jams on the roof of Jessica’s Woodley Park building. With the cool breeze, BYOB sangria and beautiful view the meal could have started out more pleasantly.

We all got to enjoy a sweet potato herbed biscuit (or about fifteen in my case) smothered in butter and fig jam before the rain creeped in and forced us to move downstairs.

Bet you can’t resist these decadent crab cakes.

We moved to Jessica’s cozy apartment where she immediately started grilling crab cakes much to everyones stomach’s enjoyment.

And let me tell you those babies were the best crab cakes I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. So stuffed with hearty pieces of crabs and balanced out by sweet red peppers and a dill tartar sauce. Once I had downed that sucker I was ready to buy the rest of them off of Jessica or take her home with me so I could have crab cakes whenever the mood struck me.

Deliciously messy.

Next, things got a little messy with the Frogmore Stew. Now everyone knows that I love any meal where I can play with my food (immature much?) so this stew was a match made in heaven.

View from my front row seat.

The boiled sausage, shrimp, potatoes and corn were all spread out onto a newspaper covered table and tossed with Old Bay. Feasters were able to crowd around the table and dip these treats into drawn butter, cocktail sauce or douse them with lemon. I could not have been pulled away from that table even if I was bribed; I had so much fun eating and bonding with Feasters about our butter splattered clothes.

Especially loved the bourbon sugar crystals on top.

After a some time to digiust we moved on to fresh fruit in mint syrup covered in bourbon whipped cream. This course was light and refreshing, especially with the mint (an addition which I’m adding to every fruit salad from now on.. wow!) And the bourbon whipped cream was deliciously spiked and caramel-y.

Matching Feasters. Soul mates? Twins?

When it came time to leave the rain had passed and I was able to enjoy a walk to the metro with fellow Feasters in the rain scented air. A relaxing end to the past delicious three hours!

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