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High Tea

Recently my parents came to visit me. As a special treat on the last day we went out to high tea. Even my dad came along, probably because champagne was included and he got drunk enough to ignore the femininity and feel masculine… Regardless! We all had the best time.

Heaving afternoon tea feels so regal and civilized. You don’t have to be a nine year old girl with an American Girl doll, to appreciate this mid-day meal.

I was so impressed with the variety of treats from miniature egg salad sandwiches, to decadent carrot cakes. The most impressive item was the creamy lemon curd, which you can bet your bottom dollar I smothered on everything. I ended up just eating it with a spoon actually.

All of these delicious treats could be made at home, along with a big pot of teas (and obviously champagne/sparkling wine). It would be incredibly easy and rewarding to have tea in your own home for much cheaper and with a big group of friends.

So gather your best tea cups and your most convincing british accent and host a high tea. By the way, high tea means tea with a meal… in case any of you were confused. Now here are some pictures for inspiration!

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