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Secret Ingredient: Malt Powder

I love malt powder in anything from sundaes to milk balls. However, lately I’ve been seeing it a lot more in baking. Many bakers believe it adds a certain depth of flavor, that really enhances the over all product. I suggest trying this secret ingredient yourself (I know I will), and experiment which products it enhances for you personally.

All of these recipes are delicious and with them I suggest you give malt a try for yourself. If you already bake with malt, let us know what you think of using it!

As usual click on the pictures for the recipes.

Brewer’s Blondies

Milk chocolate cookies with malt cream

Chocolate malted cupcakes

Chewy Horlicks cookies

Chocolate malt cake with chocolate malt frosting

Malted milk sandwich cookies

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  1. Agreed, totally. Malt powder is such a great ingredient. I prefer the Asian-spec kind one can get at Great Wall or Super H to the American version though. It’s much, much maltier tasting. Maybe less sugar and other stuff? So, so good! Like with the cake above, it totally makes the below cake with that savory, minerally undertone… and somehow all that sweetness seems so much easier to swallow!


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