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The Food Market

On Sunday evening, Feastly creators Danny and Noah, arranged a Food Market meet up.  This was the third meet up of passionate cooks and eaters at Blind Dog Cafe. Many of the people were “regulars” at this point, while other were newbies.

Each person brought one dish and an empty stomach, old school pot luck style. Despite the gloomy/sporadic rains a great group of foodies and devoted feasters attended the Food Market and indulged in each unique cuisine.

For appetizers we had crispy brusetta with colorful heirloom tomatoes. The fresh vegetables continued with a greek salad, the chef of which is hosting a “Dog Days of Summer” Feastly meal. If you haven’t already planned on signing up, definitely do. Her food is fresh and flavorful, and the chef herself is entertaining and very warm.

We also had a salad of peaches, tomatoes and sweet onions. Such a lovely combination of sweet and salty, which I will definitely be making in the near future.

For main courses we had an Indian/Chinese fusion chickpea dish. The cinnamon and cardamom of this dish made it sweet while the Chinese flavors added an extra kick.

We also had a Asian noodle dish, with a great balance of peanut and sesame flavors.

To finish off our main dishes we enjoyed an onion tart. This tart disappeared in seconds and almost served as a dessert as the caramelized onions have such a sweetness.

The dessert table was completely full with peanut butter and jelly bars, stuffed brownies, a plum cake, apple pie, and orange blossom cookies.

Everyone stayed until we were practically kicked out. No one wanted to trade the lively conversation and new friends for the cold rain outside. Eventually we all left after agreeing to another meet up, and with goodie bags stuffed with treats.

Look out for the next Food Market meet up! We are hoping to make this a monthly event and love to share it with more cooks and feasters!

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