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Feastly’s New Website

If you haven’t checked out Feastly’s new website I recommend you do so immediately! It is a great way to check out food porn from the meals past, and see what upcoming meals are offered.

Create a profile and shamelessly brag about your cooking/ eating accomplishments. Include a picture so Feasters can check out all the attractive, interesting people going to the next meal.

And say goodbye to our weekly emails (we know you will miss hearing from us). From now on sign up to attend and offer meals online.

This makes it easy to connect with all the amazing people you have met after the meal has ended. Just because the food has stopped doesn’t mean the relationships will!

You can now see if friends/people you have met/ your Feastly crush are going to the same meal as you are. Making it much easier to ensure coordination!

So please check it out and enjoy!

Click the picture to get to our website!

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