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Feastly Expands to New York

After a few great months here in DC (and the surrounding areas of course), Feastly is expanding to New York! Hungry eaters and passion cooks had to be connected there too you know? We couldn’t just save the good stuff for DC.

So Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island prepare yourself for Feastly’s arrival! We are here to feed your foodie stomachs and facilitate a meeting place around the kitchen table.

And to demonstrate our extreme enthusiasm about our expansion we have come up with our top five reasons why Feastly loves New York. And why New York should love us in return (we are all about consensual relationships).

1) The diverse neighborhoods


2) The vibrant people


3) They’re obsession with food


4) Everyone’s desire to explore



5) In New York everyday is an adventure


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