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It is hard not to look great when cooking. Let’s face it, cooking is a very sexy pass time. Bobby Flay is an average looking dude, but put him in front of a grill and I’m pretty sure all of America finds him irresistible. There is only one accessory that makes a chef even hotter in the kitchen: (literally and physically) an apron. Those suckers are multifunctional which even heightens their appeal. You can wipe your dirty hands on them, protect yourself from splattering grease and impress your guests with your bold fashion statement.

This aprons are some of our favorites. If you don’t already have a large collection (I have to admit I do) it is time to start investing in these fashion/kitchen accessories.

Grandma’s grilling? This baby would make a great gift for a plethora of people (including your grandma if you want to take it literally). I’d love to see both my grandma and my younger brother wearing this as they grilled together.

The butterfly print on this apron is charming and feminine. I also love printed aprons because if you spill a little somethin’ somethin’ your guests will never know! The spill will just blend in to this busy pattern. This apron looks adorable and flattering while protecting your clothes underneath.

If you’re the type to not wash your hands often it is probably not best to get this apron. Don’t confirm what everyone is thinking by writing it on your chest. But if you are obviously clean and well mannered, this apron is pretty hilarious and a great conversation starter.

So channel your inner June Cleaver and get some apron swag. You don’t have to be a fifties housewife to rock this look.

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  1. Donna says

    Love the Feastly idea and have been to a couple of your events. I also make aprons so I enjoyed your post. They are a retro come-back for the modern cook! Check out my facebook page for Gray Kitty Boutique and our blog and online shops…www.facebook.com/graykittyboutique1

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