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Best Places to Picnic: Part Two

Although it is pretty dreary out today, by Wednesday the rain is supposed to pass and we are supposed to have sun once again! By now I am sure you have exhausted the previous picnic locations, so time to add a few more. So either bring an umbrella and your LL Bean raincoat or celebrate the return of the sun later in the week, and check out these gorgeous locations.

Dumbarton Oaks

These gardens are the perfect place to spread out your gingham blanket and bust out your wicker picnic basket. Who wouldn’t want to eat their egg salad sandwich with a view of that beautiful fountain?

Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial Grove

Although I’m a little biased because LBJ was one of my favorite presidents, this spot has beautiful views with its prime time location.  When asking our twitter followers their favorite spot to picnic, this was often mentioned.

Dupont Circle

Dupont is such a vibrant place and great for people watching. Plus their is a Krispy Kreme across from it, so grab a doughnut and enjoy it while sitting on the fountain.


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