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Feastly Featured in Bittersweet

Bittersweet is an artistic, documentary-style zine that profiles organizations doing inspiring and much-needed work in response to the critical social issues of our day, in our city (DC).

“Consider this: the dining room table as the original social network. At Feastly, food is more than simply a tool for nourishment—it is the vehicle for relationships and traditions.

“In an age of hyper-connectivity, people often rely on social networking websites to fulfill their need for community. Yet, on average, Facebook users interact with less than 5 percent of their “friends.” Coupled with the fact that America has seen a 43 percent decline in family dinners over the past 25 years, it is no wonder the media-laden individual is left longing for more tangible interactions in life.

“Feastly is working to rebuild social capital one home-cooked meal at a time. Its online marketplace lets cooks offer food-based experiences in their homes to groups of wanting Feasters. From a traditional Korean barbecue to a TED-themed dinner salon, Feastly creates an instant, table-wide community with three simple ingredients: a comfortable home setting, good food, and real people.”

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