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Ice Cream Jubilee

With temperatures in the high nineties, lately I have only been venturing outside for one thing: ice cream. So on Sunday I braved the heat to attend Feastly’s second ice cream social with the woman behind ice cream jubilee: Victoria

When I walked in to her gorgeous Dupont circle house, I was immidately greeted by a large group of Feasters: all relishing the cool air conditioning and eagerly awaiting the first course of ice cream. The large table was filled with cool pitchers of ice water and colorful pictures of the homemade ice cream from Victoria’s blog.

As she scooped gin and tonic sorbet into bowls, she also told us about her passion for making ice cream and all the interesting flavor combinations she has tried. This passion has led her to enter several ice cream contests, and she mentioned she was going to serve us the winning ice cream flavor (banana bourbon) from the last contest she entered.

The gin and tonic sorbet was light, refreshing and cooled down all the Feasters from their recent time in the sun. This flavor tasted exactly like a gin and tonic on the rocks, with slightly more sweetness and a lot less bitterness, so I was in heaven.

The next flavor was chai tea. Perfectly silky and creamy with very deep flavors.

Next was cardamom black pepper, which was not only delicious but also beautiful to look at with speckles of pepper.

Next came peanut butter and jelly, my personal favorite. I would order this flavor by the gallon I was just so in love with it. Big chunks of peanut butter and swirls of pink jelly colored the vanilla base. I was sad to eat the last bite of it and even convinced the person sitting next to me to give me their peanut butter chunks.

Then we had the award winning flavor, banana bourbon. This was many people’s favorite flavor. The banana flavor was not too intense because it was perfectly offset by the caramel-like bourbon. It was creamy but not overly rich, satisfying everyones palettes.

We finished with chocolate five spice. This flavor had a definite kick which stayed with me till after I left the meal. The spices added so much depth and richness to the chocolate that I will mourn going back to just plain old chocolate. As they say once you go five spice you never go back…

I would definitely say this meal was worth braving the heat and a little sweat on my brow. The energy at the meal was so positive; people can’t help being happy when meeting so many great new people over gourmet ice cream!

Learn more about Victoria and ice cream jubilee on her blog http://icecreamjubilee.blogspot.com/

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