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Herbal Remedy Review

Today I went to Feastly’s second ice cream social, which I’d have to say was a huge success. I will write more on the event later and there are many drool inducing photos to come, but first I want to share a feasters account of the herbal remedy meal a couple of months ago. I sat next to her at the event and it made me so happy to hear her great Feastly memories. If you have want to share a Feastly experience or pictures, please let us know!

My fiance’ Dave and I went to our first Feastly dinner a few months ago at a local elementary school in the nearby vegetable garden. The weather was horrible, driving rain, temperature in 40s, dark, and an open field…
We jumped out of our warm car, settled onto a picnic table with fleece blankets on the benches, we sat down at an empty table and soon were joined by 4 other Feastly folks. The candles were burning in the tiny Mason jars, real silver and china were set with flowers from the garden and our chefs were cooking the whole meal on small camping stoves. Soon we were having 5 courses, were wrapped in fleece and the giggles began. I am not sure why the laughter began, or how, but it came from down in our bellies and flowed out of our mouths. Everything was funny, the food was great, and hours went by with great speed! After the last course we all jumped into my car, crowding a small car with 6 people on laps, still laughing and the rain was pouring down. We all acted like we were best friends from the fourth grade and then POOF! It was all gone…The night was over, the magical fun disappeared and we agreed to email each other when we do our next Feastly. I am not sure that will happen, but we LOVED our first Feastly and will always remember the amazing combo of friends and food. Enter the magic!

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  1. Patricia says

    I was lucky enough to share this night of food and laughter. It was one of theist memorable dinners I’ve had!

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