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Themed Parties

I have been themed parties’ biggest advocate as long as I can remember. Every year for my birthday my parents would throw me an extravagantly themed birthday from ’60 sock hop to Amazonian rainforest. I remember one year we had a Japanese themed party where all the boys dressed as samurais and all the girls got their faces painted white. I’m not sure if that was the most politically correct party but it was the 90s so I’d like to assume people didn’t know better.

This love of themed parties followed me all the way till high school. I had a Woodstock sweet sixteen, which even at that age people go in to. They might have also been into it because my birthday is 4/20. Not a person went into the party who wasn’t wearing tie dye and bell bottoms while sporting plenty of peace signs.

I’d like to think that every one appreciates an excuse to dress up, at least I know I do. And you don’t have to be a college sorority girl to plan a themed get together. I’m not asking you to have a toga or beer luge party with the cast of Animal House so lets not get ahead of ourselves.

I love themes where you have to dress up (as I’ve told you halloween in my favorite holiday). And people of every age love the chance to try a different identity on for the night. So host a murder mystery party, (reminiscent of The Westing Game) and assign your friends alter egos. Nibble hors d’oeuvre while you discover that Miss. Scarlett killed Professor Plum in the parlor with a wrench.

And if you feel like dressing up maybe isn’t your cup of tea, that doesn’t mean themed parties aren’t for you. Host a game night, and have each of your guests bring finger foods, such as sliders, so hands are free for Scrabble. Or host a Mexican fiesta with homemade guacamole and blended margaritas. For an extra touch send your guests themed invitations so they come prepared.

So save your themeless chicken dinners for another night and host a party with a punch. Dress up as your favorite cocktail with a you-are-what-you-drink-party or host an Ethiopian meal where you eat with your hands. EIther way always remember, you don’t have to be a five year old girl or college frat star to enjoy a themed party!

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