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This Weeks Meal: Fruits of the Earth, Fruits of the Sea

The Chef: 
Meet Chelsea – “Three things I loved when I was 8 that I still love: books, traveling, and cooking. In the kitchen, I’ve taken lessons in making Indian and Thai food, but my specialties tend to be vegetarian delights and large, fluffy cupcakes. I’ve cooked for lots of dinner parties before, from an intimate 4-person party to a 16-person Seder, and I look forward to welcoming guests into my home for a Feastly feast! More about me, I’m a writer, activist, organizer, politico, and the girl most likely to be doing yoga on her office building’s roof at 8:00 am. ”

The Menu:

  • Artichoke Crostinis – Crusty French bread and artichoke-olive-caper dip
  • Summer Berry Salad – Greens with candied pecans, goat cheese, blueberries and a citrus vinaigrette
  • Sweet Berry Beans – Green beans with a strawberry-rhubarb syrup and mint
  • Red Wine Risotto
  • Scallops – Scallops bathed in an orange-saffron aioli
  • Honey Cake – Honey-almond cake with blueberries

The Red Wine Risotto:

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