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Fourth of July

I feel like New Years Eve is always one of those holidays that is just one big let down. I can never think of a good enough resolution and my plans are never as glamorous and chic as I imagined them to be. I never wear the perfect cocktail dress and have an expensive glass of champagne and kiss the man of the dreams at midnight. At this rate I believe I am just not destined to have a good New Years Eve. I have come to terms with the fact that I will begin every new year with a raging hang over and little else.

The reason I gave you such a graphic depiction of my new year is contrast it with the Fourth of July! This holiday is the complete opposite, I feel like it is almost always exactly what I have always dreamed it will be! Sure fireworks are illegal in Denver (my hometown), but that makes driving to Wyoming to get them that much more exciting. I always have plenty of spirited clothes and in the beautiful July weather wearing a bathing suit all day is luckily acceptable. At the pool I used to go to they throw hundreds of beer into a pool, and everyone dives into get it. Free beer and aggressive competition as you try to get as many cans as you can hold… what is not to love?? And if eating watermelon and hot dogs till your hearts content is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Feastly has provided a patriotic craft, drink, and snack to help you prepare your American spirit for the week to come.


Bike Decorating

As a kid the bike parade was one of the highlights of my summer. All the kids in my neighborhood would trick out their bikes with streamers and miniature flags. I would always try to convince my parents to let me tape sparklers to my bike, but as they didn’t want to take me to the emergency room they always refused. This year when decorating the bikes in your family, make sure to wind red white and blue streamers through the wheels so that when you ride, they look like patriotic, whirling stars! I haven’t gotten a bike since I was like 9, and it has gotten pretty difficult to ride as I am now about five eight. Because of my bikes tiny size whenever I ride anywhere I look like a cholo, so I probably will not be decorating it. But I hope to help some kids decorated their bikes in this beautiful way this Wednesday!


Pretzel Sparklers

I am a dessert fiend as you have probably realized by now. I have already started planning the desserts I’m going to be making next Wednesday. Last year I made mini doughnuts with red, white and blue frosting, so somehow this year I have to top that! I found this recipe for pretzel sparklers and I really love the idea. All you do is dip the top of a large pretzel stick in white chocolate and then cover the area with patriotic sprinkles! They are so simple and different from the typical Fourth of July treats, in case your family tires of eating endless strawberry/blueberry/raspberry desserts.


The All American Drink

This cocktail is sure to keep you buzzing like a firecracker through out your festivities. In case the beers you salvaged from the pool aren’t strong enough, make a batch of these and take it to the next level. The stunning blue color is from the blue Curaco, which makes it perfectly Fourth of July appropriate. So toast our country with a big blue drink this holiday; you might want to bike home with kids instead of driving after a round! All that is required is 1 ¼ oz. Smirnoff raspberry twist, ¼ oz. blue Curaco, ½ oz. sweet and sour, simple syrup and a cherry. Mix all of the ingredients together with ice and then pour in a glass and top with a cherry!

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