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Easy Appetizers

When I go to a dinner party I likely save my appetite for the delicious meal I am anticipating. It’s not like I’m fasting but I won’t have my late afternoon frozen yogurt so I can fully appreciate the meal my friend has slaved over.

If when I get to a meal and the food isn’t served within the first hour, having appetizers laid out really eases the pain. I definitely like eating fresh and not microwaved food so I understand not wanting to cook until the guests arrive. In my household I always have a salad or deviled eggs put out for guests or else my boyfriend will hungrily eat the entire block of parmesan cheese I planned to use for the meal later.

By no means does having appetizers mean preparing a tiny amuse bouche of tuna tartar. Appetizers don’t have to be fancy and served in miniature china spoons to get the job done! For that reason at Feastly we have gathered three EASY appetizer ideas, for your next get together. Let us know what your favorite appetizers are, and how you prepare them!

1) Caprese Salad

This lil’ buddies are easy, crowd-pleasing and mess free! Caprese salad can be unnecessarily messy and someone baptizing your carpet with vinegar would probably not make you a happy host. So as I always say, when in doubt tooth- pick- it! (I’ve never said that before… but I do think these miniature shish kabobs are a great idea!) So throw some cherry tomatoes and mozzarella on a stick and call it a day! Feel free to experiment with other cheeses, vegetables, meats, fruits, sweets and nuts to make your own unique toothpicked combo.


2) Bacon

This appetizer also includes toothpicks and although by this point you probably think Feastly is sponsored by a toothpick company that is not true. I am not subliminally messaging you into buying toothpicks, I just think they are a great vehicle for bite sized delicacies. I think most people (vegans and vegetarians excluded) think bacon wrapped in anything is delicious. I’m pretty sure you could wrap a flip flop in bacon and I’d eat it. One of my all time favorite appetizers is cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. Simple wrap the stuffed dates in bacon, and hold it together with a wooden toothpick. Bake on a cookie sheet for about twenty minutes or until desired crunchiness is reached. I like my bacon to be pretty much charred personally. This sweet and salty combo is very satisfying because of it’s smokey, caramel-ly flavors and contrasting textures.


3) Spanish Almonds and Olives

This is definitely one of the easiest appetizers. Pretty much all you have to do is put the almonds and olives in bowls so even the most inexperienced party host can arrange this gourmet snack. And although this may seem too easy, I actually see these two items paired together in upscale restaurants all the time. Spanish almonds are buttery, salty and wonderfully crisp which contrasts nicely with the slick, bitter olives. The almonds are also the perfect protein to hold over your guests’ appetite while you put the steak on the grill!

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