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The Best Places to Picnic in DC

With all the beautiful national parks in DC, picnicking is pretty much on the top of my summer to do list. Since I live only a few blocks from the National Mall, over the summer you can find me picnicking there at least once a week. Nothing beats eating chicken salad sandwiches (my go to picnic food) and drinking water bottles full of mimosas, with a perfect view of the Washington monument in the background.

With the absolutely gorgeous weather (but which I mean absurdly hot), eating a meal outside is the best way to enjoy the beautiful place where we live! So bring your miniature personal fans and your gingham blankets and go picnicking at Feastly’s three favorite places!

1)   Meridian Hill Park

This is one of my favorite parks in all of DC and the picture above pretty much describes why. The cascading fountain is absolutely stunning and very dramatic with its thirteen basins. Sitting in full view of this fountain is the best way to picnic. Listening to the flowing water and eating your packed fruit salad perfectly satisfies all of your senses. Lucky for me this park is metro assessable. So pack your wicker basket with imperishable items and hop on the metro to enjoy Meridian Hill Park. Don’t let the picnic basket tempt you into opening anything on the Metro itself; even though those deviled eggs smell delicious you can get kicked off the Metro for eating!

2)   Georgetown Waterfront Park

I love walking on the Waterfront, admiring all the beautiful boats and glamorous people parked in Washington Harbor. Up until recently I had never explored much past the Swedish embassy, but I got a chance to recently. Georgetown Waterfront Park is perfectly picturesque and another great place to enjoy a relaxing meal. The massive fountain is a great place to bring your kids or just watch stranger’s kids play (in a completely non creepy way obviously). And huge steps lead right into the water where people soak up the sun and look at people canoeing in the Potomac. I think my ultimate night would include buying picnic supplies at Dean and Deluca and then walking down to the Waterfront Park to enjoy the green grass and unparalleled views.

3)   Tidal Basin

Picnickers especially populate this area during the spring due to the cherry blossoms. Tidal Basin is definitely the place to be during cherry blossom season with the huge number of trees and the fantastic view overlooking the Potomac and confronting the Jefferson Memorial. Last time I picnicked in the area was at the end of the cherry blossom season. My boyfriend and I had planned to see the cherry blossoms and when we finally got around to going all the blossoms had died. Not the greatest planning on our part but cherry blossom season was really early this year because of the warm weather. Even without the beautiful pink flowering trees, this still makes a beautiful picnic location, especially because the Jefferson memorial is pretty breathtaking.

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