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Recipe of the Week: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Last night one of my closest friends and I made a key lime pie for her dad for Father’s day. As a child my friend and her dad always shared key lime sodas together, so she always associates positive memories with this pie. I love that tastes and smells can trigger such powerful memories. That’s why for Father’s day, giving the gift of food can be so special.

The recipe of the week this week is from the blog Cooking Lessons. The author has shared a beautiful strawberry rhubarb pie, that definitely looks like the perfect Father’s day gift. Strawberry and rhubarb definitely remind me of summer days spent with my dad on our back porch. What foods draw up certain memories for you?

All of us at Feastly hope you have a wonderful Father’s day, and we hope that delicious food plays a very large part in your day!



Find the recipe that accompanies this photo at http://www.sallypasleyvargas.com/2012/06/strawberry-rhubarb-pie-recipe-futility.html

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