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Fantastic Kitchen Tools

If you follow Feastly on twitter you know that lately we are absolutely obsessed with posting pictures of amazing cooking tools. (And if you don’t follow us on twitter, you really should because we also post witty jokes and inspiration quotes about chocolate, along with kitchen tool porn). So I though I’d share the photo love with all twitter-less fans of Feastly, I think I saved only the best gadgets for today. So in this post you are getting the cream of the crop of all cooking gadgets, and more than 160 characters (twitters limit) worth of a description so you really can’t get much better than that.

This attachable stand turns any plate into a cake stand! I’d have to say this gadget is really at the top of my list, because the uses for it are endless. Every food looks better on an elevated plate, just like every person looks better on a throne. It adds class and elegance while saving you some money. You don’t have to go all out and buy a crystal cake stand to put your food on a pedestal.


Slicing bread is one of my biggest kitchen annoyances. I can never get them the same size and usually I just end up savagely pulling a crumbling piece off. I can never get my knife to be seriated enough to cut smoothly without crushing the bread. That’s why I think this tool would save me so much time and frustration! I would love having my bread slices the same sizes with these perfect guidelines.


Too often I forget what I put in my Tupperware and instead of confronting the mystery food I just throw it away. These chalkboard encrusted containers would definitely help me stay organized and get full use out of my left overs. It would also ensure that my room mate would stop eating my food, as the chalkboard would serve as a threatening note holder.


Just a couple of days ago I was zesting lemons for a lemon blueberry bread I was making. Now zesting lemons takes precious time and a fair amount of steady arm muscle. This grate and measure tool would ensure that you didn’t over zest your lemon or grade unnecessary parmesan cheese (or is that even a thing… too much parmesan…)


This popup cookbook holder would save all my cookbooks from being crinkled with water stains. With this gadget my cookbooks would not have to fall victim to the random ingredients I always use as paperweights. Now if only it had a tiny monocle attached to it so I could also read the small print of cook books…


I hope these photos inspire you to use the kitchen tools you have and make something wonderful! Let us know which tools you use the most, and the inventions used find very helpful while cooking!

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