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Napkin Masterpieces

I am easily impressed when it comes to fine dining. When I was younger I used to judge a restaurant based on when you left to go to the restroom, if the waiter would come back and fold your napkin while you were gone. If the waiter did this, the restaurant automatically got three stars in my elementary opinion.

Similarly I was always impressed when the towels and toilet paper in hotel rooms were folded into beautiful fans or cool envelopes (TMI?). A hotel restroom always got an A plus based on it’s folding patterns.

Now I don’t want to compare your dinner parties to a hotel restroom but I think intricately folded napkins instantly elevate a dinner at home. And you don’t have to be an origami expert or have a butler to make your classic napkins look like birds of paradise. With Feastly’s help you can have napkin masterpieces that will add elegance and a thoughtful touch to your meal.

If you want to take it to the next level, hire your kids and their friends to wait on you, and fold the napkin of your guest that gets up. I’m sure your kids wouldn’t mind slicking back their hair and playing butler for the night as long as they a hefty tip.

The Pyramid Technique

1) Fold your napkin in half diagonally and make sure the closed side faces you

2) Fold the bottom right end up to meet the top of the triangle. Fold the bottom left tip up to meet the top of the triangle. This should make a perfect diamond.

3) Turn the diamond over, making sure the closed end is still facing you.

4) Fold the napkin in half by bring the furthest end of the napkin towards the one closest to you

5) Turn the napkin over again with the closed side away from you

6) Fold the napkin along the center seam so that you have a pyramid.


The Goblet Fan

1) Fold the napkin in half and then into quarters.

2) Evenly fold the napkin into accordion folds. Make sure each accordion is evenly sized and placed.

3) When finished it should be a think stack of all the folds on top of each other.

4) Firmly grasp one end of the holds and fold it over about an inch, let the other part of the accordion folds open up.

5) Place the folded end into a glass and spread out the fan.

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